What do you want?

Our manifesto explains in greater detail, but in short – the UK is accepting hundreds of thousands of immigrants per year at greater levels than ever seen in any society in human history and simultaneously telling the migrants they don’t need to assimilate.

This is resulting in parallel societies in our own countries with incompatible values to ours.

We want an honest conversation. The only people who are currently given input about immigration and national identity in the UK are minorities.

We, the silent majority want a voice at the table.

What is Metapolitics?

Metapolitics is the idea that various forms of non-political activities can result in a spread of ideas and values within a culture.

1 million Britons marched against the war in Iraq and were ignored.

400 thousand marched against a hunting ban and were ignored.

Street marches are ignored because they work as little more than a pressure valve for public opinion and once they are over people revert to their normal ways. For this reason our focus is on non-march actions which will result in a public shift of perceptions.

Shifting the window of discussion (the “Overton window”) via non-violent actions is our main goal.  We have no political affiliations, we just want a fair and balanced debate on immigration.

What is the "Great Replacement"?

‘The Great Replacement’ is a term that is used to describe the population replacement of White, Europeans with migrants from Africa and Asia. Every single day in Europe, the percentage of native citizens declines and the percentage of non-native citizens increases. This is down to two factors:

Mass, Open Door Immigration from Outside Europe

Hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants are entering Europe every single year. In Britain alone, net immigration is running at around a quarter of a million people per year. The majority of these people come from aside the EU. We also have to bear in mind that this figure does not truly represent the population replacement which is taking place. In 2016, for example, estimated immigration to Britain was 588,000, while estimated emigration was 339,000.

Disproportionate Fertility Rates

The required fertility rate for a population to stay the same size in Europe is 2.1. This is slightly higher than 2 children for 2 parents to make up for the fact that more boys than girls are born and to counteract mortality rates. In Europe, the fertility rate of White, native citizens is dropping year on year. In Britain, for example, the current fertility rate is around 1.8. The fertility rate in non-native families, however, is often much higher (particularly in Pakistani, Muslim families). Our new inhabitants come from countries where it is the norm to have a high amount of children. The fertility rate in Somalia, for example, is 6.5

The future of Demographics

When we begin to consider the above two factors, it’s easy to see how the percentage of native citizens is decreasing and the percentage of non-native citizens is increasing.

Many people shun ‘The Great Replacement’ by suggesting that there are more White people in the world now than there ever have been. This is true, but we have to think of things in terms of percentages and dominant/minority culture. The rate at which the non-White percentage of the population is growing is way faster than the rate of Whites.

Take the below fictitious examples:

England in 1950: 95 English citizens, 5 non-native citizens

What was the culture of England?

England in 2017: 80 English citizens, 20 non-native citizens

How does today’s culture, crime rate and society compare to the 50s?

England in 2100: 110 English citizens, 190 non-native citizens

What do you envision the culture will be like compared to now?

The time to act is now; before it’s too late, and while we’re still able to consider possible solutions. If you won’t act for the sake of yourself, then will you act for the sake of your children and grandchildren? What kind of country do you want them to grow up in?

What will you say to them when they ask you what you did to stop ‘The Great Replacement’?

What is Ethnocultural Identity?

Ethnocultural identity is the basis of how people identify as a member of an ethnic or cultural group. It’s not a racial issue, but one of ethnic and cultural background.

Anyone with blood links to the ethnic people of Britain i.e English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish is a member of the ethnocultural group who have inhabited the British Isles for millennia.

We do not denigrate or belittle the ethnocultural identity of others, nor do we expect someone who emigrated to this country ten years ago to sacrifice their identity and adopt our own.

It is for this very reason that we believe in a diverse world where all people have a homeland.

Britons have a right to self-determination just like any other group and our current political parties do not respect this right.

Are you Far Right?

Anyone who dares object to the globalist vision of a world without borders is smeared as far right or racist in 2017. The truth is anything but.

We are a mixture of like minded people who oppose the degradation and dilution of our culture by the ruling classes. We are not against the immigrants, we are against the class of people who decided decades ago that they knew better than us.

We were never asked.

Mass immigration and Islamification are not mentioned by the left-wing Labour Party or the supposedly right-wing Conservatives. Mass immigration is an idea they are both equally committed to and these issues are therefore not a matter of left-wing or right-wing.

We believe in cultural plurality of course, but we believe first and foremost in our own ethnocultural identity and do not wish to see it watered down by migration and legislation (from the restriction of free speech up to affirmative action quotas) or destruction of national identity and borders.

Opposing this is common sense and the opinion of the silent majority.


Are you affiliated with any other group?


“Identitarian” is a term invented by French sociologists in the 1990s to describe issues immigrants had with their own cultural identity and living in a new country. It has since been adopted by the “New Right” and other nativist movements in European countries like France, Austria and Germany, with Generation Identity being the most well-known.

We would like to state that Identity Britannia and all of its members are not affiliated with any of these movements, aside from sharing the same broad goal of preserving European national identities and securing the borders of our respective nations.

We wish them all the best and hope we all achieve our individual goals, but Britain being outside of mainland Europe has slightly different issues and as Britons we have our own goals, as well as methodology and plans to achieve them.